Periyar National Park Periyar Tiger Trail Periyar Lake Bamboo Rafting

Periyar National Park

St Andrews Church Periyar National Park, is the main attraction of Thekkady. This famous wildlife sanctuary is located in the banks of artificial Periyar lake. Periyar National park is fully covered by dense forests and green grass lands. Thus, this has become the perfect locations for wildlife such as the great Indian tigers, elephants, lion tailed macaques, gaurs, deer, sambars. 

Thekkady offers cruise rides on lake and elephant rides as well. Trekking programs are conducted for the ancient Mangala Devi temple located in the midst of a thick forest. 

The total area of Periyar National Park is 777 sq out of which 360 sq km is covered by dark thick evergreen forests.

Periyar Tiger Trail

chamunda devi Periyar Tiger Trail, is a unique program launched by the forest department to provide a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the wildlife deep into the forest. This program is conducted by the erstwhile poachers who are reformed themselves as saviors of forests. These people possess exceptional knowledge about the terrain and wildlife. 
The team comprises of 5 tourists, 5 guides and 2 forest department officials. There are two types of programs offered, such as 1 night and 2 days or 2 nights and 3 days covering a distance of around 35 km. Team members trek along the forest during the day time and stay inside the tents at nights. 
Food is cooked in the forest using vegetables and fruits available in the jungle. This program provides great opportunity to encounter wild animals such as giant suirrels, elephants, sambars, sometimes even tigers.

Periyar Lake

rai ranchodji It is an enriching experience to take a boat cruise along the Periyar Lake. If you wish to see the varied topography of the forests of Periyar then arrange for a boat cruise on the Periyar Lake. If you are a keen observer you might get to se the spotted tigers, playful elephants or the red eyed bisons. This is one of the major tourist attractions in Thekkady. .

Bamboo Rafting

chamunda devi Bamboo Rafting, is a unique program available in Thekkady. This eco friendly program takes the tourists to the thick forests on trek and then to the catchments area of the Periyar Tiger Reserve on a bamboo raft. 

The bamboo rafting team consists of maximum 10 tourists, 5 guides and one armed guard for protection from the wild animals. During this program the tourists have a panoramic view of the lake and forests and also are provided a rare opportunity of encountering wild animals and birds. 

Bamboo rafting program normally starts at 8 and ends by 5 in the evening. Lunch and tea are served during the day.


rai ranchodji Pandikuzhi situated between the border of Tamil Nadu and Chellarkovil. It is known for picturesque natural waterfalls, streams and myriad of flora and fauna. It is the perfect place picnic spot, just the best to take some awesome photographs and go on a trekking expedition.