Geography of kerala

» Location and Area - Kerala is located on the southernmost tip of India and embraces the coast of Arabian Sea on the west and is bounded by the Western Ghats in the east. This South Indian state stretches from north to south along the coast line of 580 kms with an approximate breadth of 35 to 120 kms. Lying within east longitudes 74 degree 52' and 72 degree 22' and north latitudes 8 degree 18' and 12 degree 48' this idyllic land of pleasing beauty embraces1.18 % area of the country of India. Kerala also encloses Mahé, Pondicherry’s coastal exclave. With 14 districts and other cities the total area ofKerala is 38, 863 sq km.

» Climate- The coastal state of Keralalying on the Southwestern tip of India has commonly been called the tropical paradise of India. Bounded by Arabian Sea at one side and the Western Ghats on the other, the beautiful land with stunning beauty has an equable and tropical climate offering a pleasing atmosphere throughout the entire year. This coastal state has hot and humid climate during April-May and pleasant, cold climate in December-January. Summer extends from the month of April to June when the temperature reaches to a maximum of 33 degrees centigrade. Summer is followed by South West Monsoon that starts pouring in the month of June and continues till September. With the arrival of winter there is certain drop in the temperature and you can feel a slight chill due to the cold wind. Winter in Kerala lasts from from November to January or February.

» Rivers, Lakes and Backwaters of Kerala - Though small in size, Kerala is a land affluent in water sources. 44 rivers water the land, of which 41 are west flowing and 3 flow east. Apart from these 44 main rivers, their tributaries and distributaries and a countless number of streams and rivulets crisscross the land making it green and fertile and also serves as inland waterways. Aside from these rivers, Kerala is bestowed with a number of lakes and backwater lagoon which add to the beauty of the land. Vembanadu lake with a area of 260 is the largest in the state. Shastamkotta lake is the largest natural fresh water lake.